What it is:

iEtherPad works as an online notepad

How to incorporate into the classroom:

iEtherPad can be used in the classroom to edit a document at the same time and the changes are shown on everyones screen.


iEtherPad is a useful tool when collaborating and can be used for meeting notes, team planning and in education. iEtherPad has allowed people to create a private pad so there is limited disturbance from other users.


iEtherPad allows a maximum of 13 kids studnets per pad at the same time.
Having a public pad may allow unwanted users to stumble across the work and make unauthorised changes.

Useful websites annotated:

click here to be directed to the iEtherPad website.
click here to be directed to Primary Pad which is designed for schools to allow students and teachers to work together in real time.

Teacher Feedback:

Please feel free to add any information, ideas or comments. Thank you.