Web 2.0 tools are websites that allow you to make your own stuff and then put it back out there for the world to see! We have been collecting some Web 2.0 tools for a while now and have compiled a list for you to use. If you have any other web 2.0 tools that you have used and thought they were great please let us know and we will add them to our list.

Glogster this is a great website!! It allows you to make an online poster, which can be public or private. We have created one for you to have a look at as an example. Click here to view it!

Befunky- this website allows you to turn ordinary digital photos into works of art by using simple but innovative tools. Just click in get started, then choose a photo and away you go.

Animoto- you have to make sure you check out this website. It allows you to upload your photos, your videos and music, and then combines it all together to make something like a movie trailer. It can be about anything you like and each video is unique, no two are the same! It is free for you to make a movie up to 30 seconds, thereafter there is a cost. Check it out!

Blabberize - i can just imagine the kind of fun students will have on this website. You create an account, then choose any picture you like, choose where you want the 'mouth' to be, add some dialogue and taa daa! You will have a talking photo thats mouth moves to the high and low tones of your voice

Survey Monkey - is the perfect website for teachers! You can conduct quizzes, tests and course evaluations online. Students can also create their own quizzes to test fellow students knowledge of a particular area. Questions can be in multiple choice or a little more challenging and in short sentence format.

Sparklebox - has 1000's of free, bright and engaging resources for early years teachers.

Bubbl.us - is a free website that allows you to brainstorm online. you can create colourful mind maps that you can email, print and share with others. Gone are the days of butchers paper and textas - check this website out!!

Tagul - enables you to produce beautiful tag clouds electronically with ease. Although similar to Wordle, Tagul has certain features that Wordle lacks, like custom shape selection and multiple fonts usage in one word cloud.

Tagexdo - turns words like famous speeches, news articles, stories, songs etc. into a visually stunning word cloud. Making word clouds are fun and this would be an engaging activity that any student would like to participate in.