This page is dedicated to the simple and easy websites that teachers can use in their classrooms. Please feel free to add a website with a link along with a short explanation of the site and how you have used it. Thank you.

Wordle This website is fantastic! It is a website that generates 'word clouds' from the words you provide. It is free, easy to use, can be applicable to all curriculum areas and is suitable for all ages P-12. Check out our example, it was sooo easy... Our word cloud

Wallwisher This is a great site that can be used to post questions before starting a unit of work,; used as reflection when you have finished a unit of work, or even to keep in touch over holidays. These are only a few examples, as i am sure there are hundreds more out there! (Please add to this list if you have any other ideas or if you have used it for something else). Simply go to the website, click on build a wall, give your wall a name, choose a theme and away you go! Click here to check out our wall and please feel free to add any comments!

MagicPen Check this website out!! It is a lot of fun. When i tried it out myself i really had to think hard as it is not that simple!! It would be fantastic to use in middle and upper classrooms in relation to science or even as a 'free time game' where they will actually still be learning something!

Shine&Write This website is a fantastic resource for teachers! It is focused mainly around mathematics

Harveys home page This site is fantastic - it has loads of smartboard files you can download and use or adapt for all areas of maths – from grades prep – 6.