‘Going that Extra Mile’ stems from our thoughts and ideas as we pave our path to becoming graduating teachers. Our role as teachers is to enable our students to develop to their maximum potential by guiding and providing them with new insights and understandings through personal and professional environments. This means facilitating student’s interests, needs and desires in and out of the normal classroom setting. We feel that the accelerating rate of change and diversity in our society requires a committed and dedicated faculty to assist students in preparing for their future. It is well known that Information and communication technology (ICT) is the foundation for our modern society. Without PCs, internet, wireless networks, Skype, webcams and the many other facets of ICT, both society and education would be incredibly different to the reality in which we exist today. As teachers we need to embrace and incorporate ICT into our classrooms and allow students to learn and develop through this amazing and rapidly advancing resource.

Our group consists of Brooke Clark, Lorinda Mathews, Melanie Robertson and Olivia Stanyer. We are all current fourth year students from the University of Ballarat and all share the same passion for becoming the best teachers that we can be and that includes becoming competent users of technology in our classrooms. We all see this project as a challenge and are excited to explore possibilities, opportunities for growth and development within our own lives and hopefully provide valuable information for others.